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Beaver Full Fur Blanket

Beaver Full Fur Blanket

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“Full Fur” refers to the natural length of the beaver fur, boasting long guard hair covering the dense wool undercoat. The fur is a rich mocha brown with deep mahogany undertones.

Each blanket is hand-crafted so the fur may be a showpiece in your home. The blankets are backed in high-quality velvet and embroidered with the Adirondack Beaver Blanket logo. Please see specific blankets for size and dimensions.

Custom embroidery is available upon request.

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Customer Reviews

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Not opened yet, beyond quick visual inspection of portion visible in box. This is a Christmas present to my wife and I from me. It will not be fully unwrapped until Christmas morn, December 25th. Review will be submitted then. Be patient, buckaroo, Santa is coming ! Two blankets were ordered & delivered.
Your system showed a lot more ordered. NONE OF THAT WAS ! Your system is kludged ! FIX IT !

So soft and last forever

I bought one 10 years ago and it still looks brand new. It has stayed on the foot of my bed the whole time! I absolutely love it

Family favorite!

I can't believe how light and soft the blanket is. My children use it whenever they are on our couch.

Beautiful blanket

I love my blanket. If I could walk around with it all the time I would! It is lush, fabulous, rich, and beautiful! Thank you so much!