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From Coat to Blanket

From Coat to Blanket

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Breathe New Life into Your Beloved Furs with Adirondack Beaver Blankets' "Coat to Blanket" Program

Do you have a cherished fur coat that you no longer wear? Perhaps it's a special occasion piece that no longer fits your style, or a treasured heirloom that deserves a new lease on life. Adirondack Beaver Blankets' innovative "Coat to Blanket" program offers a sustainable and sentimental solution: transform your unworn furs into a stunning and luxurious fur blanket.

Upcycle with Elegance:

  • Sustainable Luxury: Give your old furs a new purpose instead of letting them languish in storage. Our "Coat to Blanket" program allows you to embrace sustainable practices while enjoying the timeless beauty of fur.
  • Treasured Memories, Reimagined: Transform a sentimental piece into a cherished heirloom. Your fur coat can be reborn as a cozy blanket, keeping you warm and reminding you of special occasions or loved ones for years to come.
  • Unmatched Comfort and Warmth: Beaver fur is renowned for its exceptional warmth and softness. Our skilled artisans will craft a luxurious blanket that will provide unparalleled comfort on chilly nights.

A Custom Creation Just for You:

  • Unique Design Options: Work with our design team to create a personalized fur blanket that reflects your style and preferences. Choose the size and design that best suits your needs and complements your décor.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our experienced artisans meticulously transform your coat into a beautiful and functional blanket, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.
  • Perfect Fit for Your Space: The final size of your blanket will depend on your coat's size and the usable fur. We'll work with you to determine the optimal dimensions for your new piece.

Embrace Sustainability and Rediscover Comfort:

To turn your fur coat into a blanket is more than just a service – it's an opportunity to embrace sustainability, rediscover the comfort of a cherished piece, and add a touch of timeless luxury to your home. Contact a sales representative today to discuss design options, pricing, and breathe new life into your beloved furs.

Sizes vary based on your coat and the condition of the fur. or 440.286.1998

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristina, Novato, CA.
Perfect for our living room

The sable lap blanket is wonderful. We love it over our couch in the family room.

Jessica M.
The perfect Adirondack touch!

Adirondack Beaver Blankets and products not only keep you warm, they afford you the luxuriously soft sensation of highest grade fur, “the perfect Adirondack touch!”