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Women's Custom Full Fur Vests

Women's Custom Full Fur Vests

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Unveiling our assortment of Women's Custom Full Fur Vests, offered in a diverse array of sizes to cater to individual preferences. Our vests feature a convenient zipper front and are expertly tailored to complement the upper to mid-hip silhouette, ensuring a flattering fit.

Indulge in the luxurious feel of these vests, as each one is meticulously lined with a soft polyester satin lining. Adding a touch of sophistication, the Adirondack Beaver Blanket logo is intricately embroidered, elevating these vests to a statement piece in your wardrobe. Discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with our Custom Full Fur Vests, a must-have for those seeking both warmth and fashion-forward elegance.

Adirondack Beaver Fur Vests are available in 2 options for both women and men: Sheared and Full Fur.

The vests possess a zipper front and are cut to fit upper to mid-hip. They are fully lined with a polyester satin lining and embroidered with the Adirondack Beaver Blanket logo.

 Please refer to the size chart when making your selections. Sizes run small and vests do not stretch.

Model is 5’9” and is wearing a size 8. Measurements are bust: 29”/waist: 28”/Hips: 35”  

Sizing customization available upon request. Please contact a sales representative to discuss specific needs. or 440.286.1998

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Model is 5’9” and is wearing a size 8. Measurements are bust: 29”/waist: 28”/Hips: 35”

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andy, C., Anza, CA
Love my vest

I absolutely love it! I couldn’t have asked for a better product!

Samme, Austin, Texas
Beautiful vest!

I just got my vest and IT IS BEAUTIFUL! I appreciate the pictures and everything! It made the vest mean so much more. I am sending a thank you card so please pass it on to all the people who were involved in making it.